Sunday, July 17, 2011

peaches and dream pie

I really didn't want to make this pie. After the last Baked bumbleberry pie fail, I was afraid that this one would suck too (plus I don't like making pies in general). Since the Baked pie dough is really easy to make and work with, I thought that if I had some stashed in the fridge ready to go, I'd be more inclined to make this Peaches and Dream pie. I still waited until the night before this post for the Baked Sunday Mornings baking group was due to make the rest of it.

I did have a bit more trouble with the dough than the last time I made it. It was harder to roll than I remembered, and I couldn't get it to roll in a circle shape big enough for my pie plate. So I had some patching to do in one spot, and frankly, it didn't look great. I have very little experience with pie dough, and don't know how to make the edges pretty, especially with this pie plate... Am I just supposed to place the dough in the plate, cut off the excess and press the dough in the dents? In any case, I didn't even have enough dough to do that. Anyway, since my hopes for this pie weren't very high, I didn't dwell on the imperfect crust too much, and put it in the fridge while I made the other components.

Opening a can of peaches and arranging it on top of the pie crust was pretty straightforward. The recipe called for peach halves, but I didn't like that idea, so I went with canned sliced peaches in fruit juice, that I drained as well as I could, hoping to avoid making pie soup again.

The creamy filling is simply a cup of sour cream, two eggs, quarter teaspoon salt, half a cup dark brown sugar and flour. The recipe called for two tablespoons, but I put three. I was really trying to do everything I could to make this work.

On top of the pie is a streusel type topping made of flour, dark brown sugar and butter. Not quite sure if I got the texture of it right, as there was no picture of the pie in the book to refer to. It was supposed to be like "coarse sand", whatever that means.

In the oven it went, for 45 minutes. When I checked on it, the filling wasn't bubbling and it didn't seem set, so I put it in 10 minutes longer. My oven is slow, so I had a pretty good feeling I was going to have to bake it longer. After checking on it numerous times, I finally baked it for a total of 70 minutes.

After letting it cool overnight, I had a piece for breakfast. (It counts! It has fruit in it!)

And it was good! I was so happy that it set properly! I managed to get a really clean slice. The topping is awesomely sugary, and it goes really well with the peaches. The bottom crust is not crisp, just the way I like it. The creamy filling is... okay. Not my favorite part, but the pie as a whole is very good. I've never had peach pie before, so I can't compare, but you can be sure I'll have another slice of this one. And then another one... I might have to find someone to share it with actually, so I don't eat the whole thing.

For the complete recipe, and to see how the other Baked Sunday Mornings bloggers fared with their Peaches and Dream pie, head over to the blog.


  1. Your pie looks so pretty! We also enjoyed it and I am hoping that there is some left so that I can have a slice for breakfast. :) I used fresh peaches, so it is great to see that it doesn't matter whether you use fresh or canned.

  2. A slice for breakfast sounds so delightful. I also put this pie off for a while and felt the same way about that creamy filling. I liked peach quarters instead of halves and I'd like to try slices like you did next time!

  3. Your pie looks great and I would have assumed you were an old pro at making pies!

    I made this but didn't post - bad picture and I was underwhelmed although my husband and his buddies really liked it.

  4. Oh, yours is so gorgeous! I'm wondering if canned peaches are better in this case. I used fresh. I'm glad you got around to making it!

  5. I must say that your entire pie, including the crust, is beautiful. I will encourage you, however, to bake a peach many lovely peaches available right hubby just asked for peach pie...a favorite.

  6. Wow. What a gorgeous pie! Looks so much better than mine! And you can cut yours! Mine was rather soupy/mushy, but delicious. I need to use my fluted pie plate too.....looks wonderful!

  7. Your pie looks absolutely perfect and so delicious! I agree with you that the creamy filling is underwhelming -- and I wish I had used canned peaches too, because I think my pie would have turned out better if I had. But I'm definitely happy to be done with pies already!

  8. YUMMY!!! I really want to make that...
    Check out my blog-


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