Wednesday, April 20, 2011

peeps rice krispies squares

Yeah, I know the blog isn't even 3 months old and this is the second rice krispies square post... But everyone loves rice krispies! And how cute are these for Easter? When I saw them here and here, I  just couldn't not make them for Cha's classmates.

I went crazy the other day at the grocery store and bought 3 boxes of vanilla flavored rice krispies, so this used up one box, two to go. I didn't add any vanilla extract and they were definitely vanilla-y enough. I also added some fruit flavored mini marshmallows. I thought they added a nice easter color touch. And sprinkles. I can't send a treat to school that doesn't have sprinkles on it... The recipe can be found on the box, or here... I made them in a 9x13 pan, and I though they were still pretty thick, especially once you added on the peeps. They were cut using kitchen shears and they just bounce back into shape. Just sandwich the rice krispies treat between the two halves of the bunny.

For Cha's classmates, I put the treats on a stick, wrapped it up in a clear treat bag and tied it with a pink ribbon. Too bad I ran out of ink, because I had cute tags in mind too... And of course, I was too lazy to take out the camera before I gave the pretty ones away! Oh well! Happy long weekend!

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