Monday, April 25, 2011

easter sugar cookies

We were heading to the cottage Easter weekend, but had a bunch of stuff lined up too. My in-laws were moving and Cha had her last dance class on Saturday morning. My SIL was also having an Easter brunch on Sunday, but it became clear that there was no way we were going to make it back for brunch if we went to the cottage. It is a 3 hour drive after all.

We were going back and forth all week trying to decide if we were leaving on Friday or Saturday. We finally decided to skip dance class, leave on the Friday, and kinda told Cha last minute so that she wouldn't ask us when we were going for days on end. The plan was for my husband to help his parents pack and move in the morning, and then leave after lunch so the girls would sleep in the car on the way there. The packing and moving took longer than expected, so I had to tell Cha we would leave the next day, and  not when Daddy got home like I had said.

It did not go over very well. There were tears. Lots of tears, and screaming, and crying. She was not a happy camper. Long story short, I had not intended to make Easter cookies, but I had to distract the crying child, so yeah, I broke out the cookie cutters, and the icing sugar, and the food color... Even the sprinkles!

And it was fun! She made a huge mess of her cookies, and I got to have fun decorating mine, and most important of all - no more crying! She actually said that she was to busy to leave for the cottage and we would leave after her dodo. Score!

I used this recipe to make the cookies, and the Wilton recipe for the royal icing, adding way more water than what the recipe calls for so that the icing consistency is that of soft toothpaste. Yeah, that sounds yummy allright!

My cookies weren't as good as the last time I made them, but i'm pretty sure it's because I added to much flour. I also had to use some plain yogurt because I was short on sour cream. They were still delicious, but not as soft as I like them.

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