Sunday, January 5, 2014

antique caramel cake

My fellow bakers at Baked Sunday Mornings made this Antique Caramel Cake a few weeks back. I didn't because.... I got lazy and didn't have a reason to make it. But after reading all blog posts, I jumped on the occasion to make it for my sister in law's birthday.

And it got great reviews! The cake was nice and moist, and the caramel frosting was delicious. Like going on the list of my favorite frosting. (Note to self: Build list of favorite frosting recipes.) Some of the BSM bakers complained of the frosting being fussy, as it's made with cream cheese and is quite soft. I made sure to frost the cake in a cold spot in the kitchen (not hard to find these days, but I actually opened a window while I was frosting.) I did manage to get the cake frosted without too many problems but it did start to droop after sitting at room temperature for most of the afternoon.

I was kinda surprised when I made the cake that it didn't call for salt, vanilla or baking powder. Just baking soda dissolved in vinegar, added in at the very last before baking. The flavor of the cake was just fine without the salt and vanilla. The sides baked up nice and straight and it didn't dome very horribly.

The original recipe can be found here, and makes two 8-inch layers. I double the recipe, and made 3, 9-inch layers. This is one I'd make again in heartbeat!


  1. Are those gum paste flowers? Gorgeous! I am always so impressed by your cake decorating skills! Amazing-looking cake!!

  2. ahhh that cake is amazing, droopy frosting and all!

  3. Beautiful cake! You do such lovely cakes!
    This was a good recipe, I really enjoyed it too.

  4. I agree, that frosting is definitely on my list of favorites! Glad you got a chance to make this cake, it is wonderful. Your flowers are gorgeous as always! :)

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