Sunday, October 23, 2011

chocolate mint thumbprint cookies

I really wasn't in the mood to bake these cookies. The guys from Baked say that they should be made year-round, and not just at christmas time, but the combination of mint and chocolate, plus the thumbprint cookie format, just screams christmas!

So I made the dough one day, baked them the next, filled them two days after that. Can you tell I wasn't very motivated? After making the white chocolate mint ganache, and seeing the cheap chocolate I used turn it a yucky yellowish color, I decided to tint it green to hint at the mint taste in the cookies.

Yeah, didn't turn out too great! The ganache looked like green slime! So I decided to pretend they were Halloween cookies, and that was that. On the upside, I kinda like these pics, and the chocolate kinda broke up the pumpkin and apple recipes I have posted, and have planned for the blog!

The cookie batter tasted kinda bitter when raw, but turned out pretty good once cooked and cooled. Quite rich, and the mint taste wasn't very present in the cookie, but it could be the mint chocolate I used. I liked the texture, it wasn't crumbly, or dry, but pleasant, and the sugar crust gave it a nice crunch, and it sparkled beautifully! The cool, minty ganache center was a nice creamy contrast to the crunchiness of the cookie. Best part, they last forever in the fridge.

I used a squeeze bottle to fill the centers of my cookies and that went superbly! When my husband saw the pools of green slime in the middle of the dark cookies, he suggested Halloween cookies, and we found that bloody bone candies left over from last year's clearanced baking decorations added just the right amount of gross, like a ladle in a cauldron of boiling magic potion.

To get the recipe for these, head over to the new Baked Sunday Mornings website, and see how the others fared too! Next up for our group in two weeks: Pumpkin Cheddar Muffins!


  1. I'm sorry your didn't like these, but I think your tinting looks great and your cookies look so perfectly-shaped! I really liked the choc-mint combo and so did my family. We were ready for a change after all the pumpkin recipes I've been baking lately. :)

  2. These look fantastic! I did the same thing last year (tinted) - and they were perfect for the holidays. Love the addition of the bone - and the frosty sugar. Beautiful!

  3. I love the green tint! I agree that these felt like Christmas cookies although I love chocolate/mint any time of the year!

  4. Well for someone who wasn't motivated....these turned out fabulous!!! Actually, I almost colored mine orange and purple for Halloween but then the mint just didn't go. I agree, no matter what you do to them, they still scream Christmas! Your pictures are stunning!!!

  5. Your photos are wonderful...some day I'll get a better camera...when I get time to learn to use it...ha.

    I think your bone/Halloween idea is great. I actually liked these when well cooled...even a day old they were better...and totally chocolate; no mint. But I think yours are really pretty.

  6. your pictures are great! i didn't get to make these, but they sure look good.

  7. Ha! You know I feel like this isn't the first time that we have gone the same direction on a recipe :) I happen to think your green slime cookies are super cool, and your pictures DO look fantastic! I love how your sanding sugar twinkles!

  8. I also wasn't a fan of the off-white color of the filling, and I am completely mesmerized by your green filling -- I think it's awesome! Gorgeous cookies, gorgeous photos -- and the bloody bone puts it over the top! So creative!


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